Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here's a little glimpse into last Friday night for me:

...So, here I am, it’s Friday night. I’ve been here 2 weeks and still have no phone or internet to my name... so contacts are few. I’m sitting in my water closet (emphasis on closet) when I see a piece of garbage on the floor. I bend over to pick it up (seeing as how I don’t have a trash can in the WC just yet...) Snap up to go throw it away... or something. Well, the door is open a bit and as I snap up to throw my trash away, the door knob to the WC catches my head. I’m keeled over, holding my head as if it’s about to fall off (thinking of how nice the pressure feels on my sore spot,) start walking to the kitchen to throw away my trash... I look at my hand... only to find BLOOD. "Seriously," I think to myself, "Rainy Friday night and all I can muster up to do for fun is crack my head open on the doorknob of my water closet?! Is this some kind of sick trick?!" *sigh*

Earlier this week I thought it was a good idea to purchase a bag of frozen chicken cordon bleu for when I’m in a rush and need a quick meal... I quickly found that it was not the best idea... HOWEVER, during the recovery period of my little incident I am able to put the chicken cordon bleu to good use as my ice pack!!

Not every day is quite this exciting... but I have been surprised by quite a bit since I've arrived! :)


  1. ouch! must have been a hard hit, unless your doorknob is pointy.

    still praying! 50 weeks to go

  2. you're so sweet! my aunt made one of those countdown chains you make for christmas... yep she made it for my mom and grandma for their weekly tea dates... haha. i feel loved. :) miss you! thank you so much for the prayers! god is so good. i'll elaborate in my next blog. love you.