Saturday, July 4, 2015

Poky to Boise ...better late than never. :)

The next few posts will be a little out of order, but I need this particular memory and happenstance for the post I'd really like to be composing at the moment... how's that for building the anticipation?? :) 

My trip out west was one of necessity and healing of sorts... it still is. There's just something about this crazy life that has me drawn to the best coast... I'm still working on pin-pointing some of those details. 


On my way out here, I made the most of my trip. My heart was (and still is, for the most part) pretty tender and broken from leaving the people I love more than anyone else. (I know, the whole life and situation is such a conundrum!) 

As noted previously, I had the pleasure of catching up with my dear friend, Hannah, in Denver. I was also able to catch up with my Ashley Grace, but unfortunately can't seem to find photos documenting such an occasion. I was also able to stop in Pocatello to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousins! (More on that in another post - told ya it'd be non-sequential for a bit!) Post-Pocatello I had great plans of a mini-sabbatical for myself. I was exhausted from wrestling with this whole life transition and committing to starting over somewhere so far from my family and actually following through and making the move - it's a lot of crazy details and miles!  

The skies were a bit dicy on my 3-ish hour drive... I'll refrain from sharing some of the other photos... It was fitting, yet again, for the heavy heart that always seems to go along with leaving family. 

It's hard to deny that Boise was ready for me though... JUST LOOK AT THOSE SKIES!

Brace yourself...

The next few photos are so scrumptious that you'll fully understand why I nearly didn't leave for two days... 

I discovered an app called 'Roadtrippers' a few months before my move and was captivated by it pretty much the whole time leading up to this grand adventure. The first thing I knew I needed to include in my trip was a quiet two-day chunk to catch up on sleep and journaling and just process what all was going on in my life and my heart. 

Boise looked like the best stop to do so. 

...the Boise Guesthouse only enhanced the experience.

Boise Guesthouse - Downtown Boise, Idaho
My first step in the door, I was welcomed by a video of a fire burning... This might sound cheesey, but believe me, it was such a delight. Just the rhythm of movement and crackling of the flames were very soothing and warm. 

I always have a special appreciation for Punk Rock Green bathrooms!!!

It took me no time to make myself right at home... did a little yoga by my sweet little fire, composed a few notes to those back home, and settled into a restful night of my favorite apéritif and a cup of two-buck-chuck-Cab-Sauv - yum.

I slept like a queen... something that I am, super unfortunately, not good at. This place was so dreamy. So relaxing. I never wanted to leave! I knew that my next destination was my final destination and that I'd soon be thrown back into reality. A very new and unknown reality. So much of me was pretty unsure whether I'd made the right choice or not!
Breakfast in bed.

Being a 'guesthouse' rather than a bed and breakfast, the Boise Guesthouse outsources their meals to a restaurant downtown, you've got the choice of leaving this dreamy wonderland of an oasis and enjoying your meal at the restaurant, OR they'll deliver it to your door.

Clearly I chose the latter.
This trip was such a necessary bridge from my life in Iowa to my new life on the best coast, but it was very emotionally taxing... Well, the whole thing was emotionally taxing... the trip helped to work through the emotions. During my visit in Denver, Hannah suggested I catch up with another classmate from the school we'd met at, Meagan. 

I had had few encounters with Meagan, but all were lovely... for me anyway, poor girl ended up in the ER during one of them - that was super awful for her. :(

I sometimes feel pretty awkward attempting to reconnect with people I didn't know super well previously. That to say, I wasn't nervous to meet up with Meagan, but I didn't really know what to expect or if she'd be able to handle my emotionally heavy self even just for one meal. 

I should have known better. 

A lot better. 

Meagan is such a beautiful soul.

She's one of those rare people who, while in her presence, you just find peace. She is a phenomenal listener and encourager. She's a fellow dreamer, which is always welcomed and appreciated. 

Unfortunately, this photo is more focused on the food than her beautiful face, but there's more to come, don't  you worry. 

Shangri-La Tea Room and Cafe - Boise, Idaho
Meagan has discovered health issues since our time at Ecola and has been so proactive in her healing process. I just can't tell you how encouraging my time with her was.

Sometimes I look back and wonder why I didn't get to know her better at Ecola, but it always comes down to the fact that I'm certain God knew I needed her friendship more in this season than I did then. Her love and support is so empowering. She's just so wonderful.

All this talk of health and healing and we totally splurged on a piece of raw cashew 'cheesecake'.

Here's my beauty! Just look at that smile. Doesn't it make you want to wrap her in a bear hug??? Yeah, me too. :)

So, I mentioned way at the beginning of this post that it was leading to the post I really want to share... that's very true, but I have to confess that blogging is a little exhausting. There. I said it. :)

I wanted to share this post first, to note how thankful I am that I was able to reconnect with sweet Meagan. I wanted to note that she shared things with me concerning her health journey that were so difficult and discouraging, and yet, she somehow was able to turn it into a knowledge of empowerment, where I was eager to jump into life and chase that ideal of true health that I sometimes feel like we, in this country, know so little about. 

Meagan lit the fire in my heart to chase my dreams of knowledge and wholeness that sometimes I think I'm the only one capable of seeing. Even if it was only a mere moment, I know she held onto that dream and carried it with me. 

Kind of a lousy way to wrap something up... but that's okay. All that to say: this was a very special time of rejuvenation and rest in order for me to jump into the next season of my life: Portlandia.