Friday, May 22, 2009

Mr. McCoullough

Ah! So much catching up to do! First things first, this one I don't even have to think about! :) ...I wrote it down in my journal. I've titled it: Mr. McCoullough.

A perfect example of active imagination time with Aedan:

This one day, he comes waltzing down the stairs after his noon quiet-time. His special dinosaur blanket is draped around his shoulders, clearly the cape of a superhero. In his deepest, most grown up voice, we have this conversation:

Lauren: Well, hi there, Aedan. You must have had a good rest... it's been cut nearly 15 minutes short!
Aedan: I'm not Aedan -- he's still sleeping.
L: Oh, okay. So... who are you?
A: I'm Mr. McCoullough.
L: What are you here for Mr. McCoullough?
A: (still in his deepest, most grown up voice) I just wanted to see your food. I'm seven years old. I also wanted to see your house and learn your name.
L: Fair enough, my name is Lauren. Here is the house. I like food as well. Where are you from Mr. McCoullough?
A: I'm from Silvokia. (A little background information: Aedan's best friend Alex is from Slovakia. Everytime he says Slovakia... it starts out with the syllable 'sil' and ends in just a bunch of other crazy syllables. Pretty funny. Pretty cute.) I know a person named Alex from Slilvokia -- I came to pay him a little visit. (<-- a="" air="" and="" cape.="" cape="" don="" fly="" his="" hold="" honest="" i="" in="" it="" just="" m="" me="" my="" need="" p="" really="" seat="" should="" someone="" super-hero.="" t="" take="" the="" then="" throws="" up="" with="" words="" yes="">L: (Trying to contain my uncontrollable laughter inside!) Of course.
A: Thank you. I heard Millie's party is in seven weeks.
L: Oh, really? Where did you hear that?
A: Yes, really. Alex told me... I'm seven years old.
L: Well, if Alex told you, it must be true. Say, Mr. McCoullough, I need you to go upstairs and find Aedan. He needs to be back at school in a few minutes.
A: Aedan's not here anymore.
L: Well, someone's going to have to go to school for him or Katia, his teacher, is going to be very upset and worry about him. I think you look much more like him than ChloĆ« or I do.
A: Nobody will know who I am.
L: Well, then you'll have to introduce yourself.

It carried on like this for a while...

...I told his mom about this before I went to pick him up from school. The next day she said she addressed him as Mr. McCoullough during his bedtime routine while he was having trouble listening/following directions. Haha. She said it TOTALLY caught him by surprise. He said, "How do you know Mr. McCoullough??"

My days are so unbelievably entertaining. Wouldn't have it any other way.