Thursday, June 25, 2009

Today I'm Sad. Hurt. Frustrated. Annoyed.

I wake up everyday ready to give my all to a family who I knew nothing about less than three months ago. I've come to love these individuals which makes it much more difficult when days like today come along.

The children's grandparents arrived yesterday from Oregon after not seeing the kids for probably a year and a half, clearly an exciting event. Yesterday was filled with activities (horseback riding, out to lunch, soccer...) so today, returning to the norm, was a bit difficult. I was stressed trying to keep to the schedule and activities laid out for me with the kids wanting to spend time with their grandparents and the grandparents wanting the same. The grandparents were extremely kind and encouraging, I loved having them there. This afternoon, we (the grandparents and I) took the kids on a little hike and the kids were having so much fun when it was time for me to go, the g'parents decided to stay up with them a bit longer. I was feeling great about life and my job, I actually felt appreciated, as if I was perhaps making a difference. Then I got back to the house to find that all my hard work just isn't quite enough.

I was so encouraged to find this poem written by my dear friend Emily Reicherts.

I don’t understand
But I guess I don’t have to…
To know that You are Good and
Kind and Just and Faithful.

I don’t understand
But I guess I don’t have to…
To be held in Your arms
Quieted with Your love
Transformed by Your Word
And taken by Your Presence.

I don’t understand
But I guess I don’t have to…
To walk with You
Remain in You
Believe in You
And be strengthened by You.

I don’t understand
But I guess I don’t have to…
To trust in Your
Promises, Purposes,Plans,
and Precepts.

I don’t understand
But I guess I don’t have to…
To step in Faith
Holding Your hand
Knowing the hurt today
Will lead to a Glory
That surpasses all
Understanding tomorrow.

Emily Reicherts 6-09

I will press on.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

brief update!

Just FYI: This will be short as it's already past my bedtime, but my dear Aunt, Lisa, kindly reminded me today that my blog needs a little more attention. She's right. My theory as to why I've avoided/neglected it for a while is 
A) I have this idea that I can only write the wonderful things that are happening here in SwitzeFrance and the incredible things God's teaching me... when honestly, it's really been a hard, difficult, challenging month. I will do my very best to keep myself honest on here, without completely pouring my heart out on the world-wide-web. 
B) There aren't enough hours in the day!!! Haha. But isn't that the case in every season of life?
God's ever faithful. He's been teaching me and stretching me. He's blessed me with this completely beautiful, amazingly wonderful church ( As a matter of fact, tomorrow night I'll participate in a small group going through Blue Like Jazz, one of my very favorite books! :)

Yesterday I enjoyed a solo train trip to Zermatt, home of the Matterhorn. The Matterhorn is a beautiful and unique mountain, quite possibly the biggest tourist attraction in Switzerland. Unfortunately, the Matterhorn hid behind a cloud ALL day long. I guess I'll just have to go back!

To the right is a photo of me in Sion, a town on the way to Zermatt. In the background is Château de Valère. It's where I had intended to end up, but instead I found myself in the Basilique de Valère, a Catholic cathedral. Apparently, it's home to the oldest functioning organ in the world - from the 14th century.