Sunday, October 20, 2013

the best gift...

I don't know about you... but my love language isn't gifts. I like gifts and I enjoy giving gifts, but not when they're expected... certainly not on holidays. It just puts so much pressure on them! 

I was so thrilled when I mentioned to my beau that I was having a hard time coming up with something perfect to get my dad for his birthday. 

My dad is someone who has what he needs, enjoys Led Zeppelin, and doesn't necessarily enjoy more 'stuff' if it isn't something he's picked out himself... (honestly, I realize I am more like him EVERY DAY.)

Stephen instantly replied that I should give him a push pin, map of the states, and a jar with $20.

I sat silently for a moment to encourage him to elaborate so I could understand fully what he was getting at. He went on that it's all about the presentation. He said I need to wrap them all up separately and explain each gift as I give it to him. 

I am continually amazed and at how perceptive he is to me and the people I care about from SO FAR AWAY.

I knew this would be well received, if not the most perfect gift ever. 

Dad's not huge into gifts either, but I can't tell you how perfectly he received this one.

I walked into their house announcing that he needs to close his eyes that I was bearing very important birthday gifts. I handed him the small parcel enclosing the push pin. He opened it and, quite honestly, probably knew right then what I was up to... but continued to play along as I gave him a poster rolled up and wrapped so inconspicuously... 

I ended up purchasing a map of the world, partly because I would rather explore far away lands... and partly because it was $3 cheaper than a map of the states. :)

Did I mention that I can't even put into words how perfect this gift is for my dad? So unbelievably perfect.

I handed him the jar with $20 in it and told him that I have a matching jar at home, where I'll do just that - match every dollar he puts in there. I hope I was clear enough that he needs to let me know when he puts money in there so I'm not dropping Benjamin's all at once!

If you're looking for the perfect gift for someone adventurous and who speaks the love language of quality time, THIS IS MOST CERTAINLY IT!

After I pulled myself together from the great success of this presentation, if you will, I was sitting there next to my Daddy watching 'Vikings' on the History Channel and asked him where we were going and he just nodded at the TV. 

I smiled. 

He later confirmed how excited he was to see Ireland and Norway. 

You and me, both, Jefe. So excited. 


  1. This would be an awesome present! Such a good idea!

    1. Try it sometime, it was by far the best gift giving experience I've had to date!

  2. This is so cute! What a great idea!! <3 you Lauren!

    1. Isn't it perfect?! Miss you, Abbie May!!