Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the flat

How in the world does anyone keep up with a blog?!?! Time just keeps passing by without informing me I'm missing out! Bah!

I can't recall all that's gone on since I last posted anything on here... but currently I've got photos of my sweet apartment. Thanks to my wonderful Hannah, I've been mulling over the thoughts of what it means to make and have your home as a sanctuary. A place you WANT to go home to. A place where you're able to RELAX and leave your troubles outside the door. :) A place where you can SIT and just BE. A place where you can really focus on things that are more important than what's 'going on'. A place where you can cook and bake and be at home. A place where you can walk around looking like a fool. :) Here are the photos I'd promised weeks ago:

The lovely living room looks out over Mount Blanc... and the Geneva International Airport. ;)

Kitchen and Laundry. :) Probably my favorite room.

Take note of Elvis keeping everything in line over on the microwave. He's a keeper.

Pictures of my Aidan boy all over to make me smile. :)

WIDE OPEN windows in the summer.

Showa un gowa.

...and, of course, the WC.

More later. I'm pooped.

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