Saturday, February 20, 2010

...a powerful force...

This was a while ago, but I have to confess that the biggest force moving me back to France after Christmas was knowing my dear friend, Hannah, would be here to join me shortly after I returned.
I wanted to share a few photos and fun times we had while she was here. She's such a gem. When I think of Hannah, I think of this amazing, nourishing salve you might put on an open wound or dry, calloused skin - only use this salve on your heart. She's so good at getting to the core of a situation and for seeing it for what it truly is. Hannah is someone who knows the possibilities life holds and takes the appropriate actions to make these things happen. Needless to say, we didn't have any trouble logging more adventures to the collection we already have to look back on.
This was a good one: We headed up to Zurich to an exhibit of preserved corpses - sounds morbid, and perhaps it was a little... but it was so very fascinating. (Read more on BODY WORLDS here.) We were frazzled and trying to get from the train station to the exhibit center when we found the tram we needed, but couldn't for the life of us figure out how to get the tickets. As we got on the tram I whispered to Hannah to be inconspicuous. We're on the tram for maybe a minute when she says in her not-so-inside voice: "We don't have tickets!" O gosh, Hannah. Way to be inconspicuous.
Our trainride back from Zurich was pretty exciting, if I do say. We weren't confident we'd be able to pack in dinner before our ride back so we waltzed down to Migros (the shopping market) and bought rice cakes, smoked salmon, and Boursin cheese! We settled into our spots on the train and before we could even take our first bite, the older men sitting across from us on the train were oogleing and aweing over our dinner... turns out we traded them two Heinekens for our little apĆ©ritifs. These men were pretty hilarious and by the end, as you can see, they were spilling out their Dutch and taking claim on my camera. They kept us laughing the whole ride through!
We spent Saturday morning at my beloved market, preparing for our week of over indulgence! (We had so much fun cooking!) We made gnocci, quinoa and black bean stuffed peppers, tartiflette... I'm pretty sure we could have continued but there were so many other things we had to see and do! (Walk the dog, explore the Reformation Museum, go to Montreux...)
This is a photo of the last time I had a bottle of my most very favorite wine -- after this, I couldn't find it ANYWHERE!
It always seems there's more to share, but simply not enough time to share it! Perhaps later, but by then I'm sure there will be more thoughts or stories to tell... until then.

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