Wednesday, April 14, 2010

DAY TWO - Jefe & Lauren's BIG European Adventure!

Day Two = Major Success!!!

We started our day finding out Nolan Fenway Hanson decided to grace this world with his presence!! Last night at 7:45pm (Iowa-time) he entered this world weighing in at 6lbs 13oz. Whew. Can't believe I missed it, yet again! :( But will certainly smother him with plenty of love to make up for it once I return. :)

Jefe and I have concluded that we're a pretty good adventure team. Here's the evidence:

All before dinner we: 
-conquered the Parisien Metro
-visited the Tour Eiffel and Arc de Triomphe (wow!)
-peeked around the Louvre
-strolled down the Champs-Élysées
-been blown away by the intricate architecture of the Notre Dame
-picnic-ed in the courtyard/garden of the Palais Royale
-eaten our way through French cheese and croissants  
-walked 29,274 steps (or approximately 14 miles)

We're now off to explore Paris at night!

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