Saturday, June 5, 2010

I've spent this week with one of my friends kids... therefore, I've got a great quote to share. :)

Just a little preface: Nevaeh is mulatto and, well, the rest of us there were not. The other night I grilled out and we were eating dinner OUTSIDE....

Madi got bit by a bug.

Madi [7]: "OUCH. A bug just BIT me!"
Nevaeh [4], completely nonchalant: "That's because you're white."
Darian [13]: "Haha, well, Nevaeh, what does that make you, half?"
...........LONG PAINFUL SILENCE...............
Nevaeh, as somber as a four-year-old can be: "Chop Liver."

They're pretty entertaining if I do say!

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