Sunday, November 14, 2010

i. love. my. job.

It's becoming more and more apparent everyday that this is exactly where I belong. It's been one of those seasons through the valley where rough things have come about, but it is so refreshing to know I am where God wants me.

So, back to the focus of this blog: I have the best job in the world. :) I work with the craziest, cutest, slightly challenging collection of 2-5-year-olds... and, for the most part, I love every minute of it. Haha. (Some minutes are more than I've bargained for!) I just wanted to share some of the fun things we've been up to in Room 3:

1) A couple weeks ago, our class took a field trip just a mile or so away from school and we had more fun than ought to be allowed... honestly. We arrived to the sight of a giant mountain of corn husk leaves. :) This particular mountain was taller than moi. Really. Ginormous. Needless to say, the kids were slightly intimidated. Don't you worry, though... we teachers were there to show them how fun is to be had. We were jumping in the pile and running down the hill in through the pile and throwing kids into the pile and rolling into the pile... I'm pretty sure we covered every possibility of how to become better aquainted with this pile of corn husks. Although we could have played like that all day long, we decided in order to make the very most of our day, we would take a hay ride around the property. :) And to wrap things up, we had a bon-fire picnic of fire roasted hot dogs. :) So much fun! Naptime was EXCELLENT that day! 

 Everyone had such a good time!

 Beautiful, Iowa corn husk leaves!

 Fun on our hay ride.

'All you gotta do is... JUMP!!'


2) Last month we took a fun field trip out to Hansen's Dairy Farm. The kids were able to see the whole process of dairy production! From the cow's food, where it's stored and transported, to all the cows and even inside the cheese and ice-cream making room!

Hansen's secret marketing treasure
is a picture of a wallaby on their milk cartons...
here they are in the flesh!

 Pretty cool!

This calf was only TWO HOURS OLD!!!

Thanks Hansen's Dairy for the fun-filled adventure on the farm!!

3) And then we just plain have fun everyday. It's that simple. :)

Beloved 'Puppy'.

The wink.

Gotta love naptime! :)

As Thanksgiving approaches I thank God for the amazing job He's blessed me with and all the fun and teachable opportunities He provides! 

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