Wednesday, August 28, 2013

re-instilling family dinners...!

I'm entering another new season of life as I start a new job at the beginning of September... it's exciting and wonderful, but mostly I'm looking forward to getting back into the kitchen... for fun. :) 

I've lucked out again and been blessed with two incredible girls for roommates. We are all three very different, but we groove. :) We gel. ;) To celebrate this, I informed my wonderful roommates that we're going to be having a lot more family dinners going forward. There's no just reason not to.

Last weekend while we were in Dubuque, I tried this San-J Thai Peanut Sauce and LOVED it. We had been wandering around the farmer's market and got some spring rolls... they offered this for dipping - whoa, baby. Delicious. 

So, naturally, I bought a bottle. 

Last night, I bought three chicken breasts, marinated them in 3/4 cup of this great sauce, and saut├ęd them for dinner. We added steamed broccoli & ginger and basmati rice. (Does anyone know if they sell basmati candles?! What a perfect scent. Yum.) 

The magical sauce.

Maybe someday I'll invest in some lids... then again, maybe not. :)

Napkins I found from my time in France! 

So simple, yet so good!

IOWA table wine. :)

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