Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday Morning Bliss...

  • blog facelift
  • rediscover favorite CD from high school
  • start conquering to-do list
  • mountain of deliciousness
After making potato skins the other day, I had left over baked potatoes to make breakfast with...
I wish you could taste them... I also wish you loved potatoes as much as I do...

Check, check, check, check! And all before 8:30. 

Heavens, I love Saturdays. It's really a shame it always takes another 6 days for them to roll around again.

In case you haven't heard, girlwithagypsyheart is hosting a scholarship-giveaway with Vagabond Image & Design... read the previous blog post here for details -- in short, you can nominate a loved one to win a grand prize of a full photo session with copyrighted disc of their edited images for free! All in the spirit of giving. Check it out!

Happy Saturday!


  1. You can come to Camas WA and make this for me for breakfast whenever you would like! I LOVE potatos :)