Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Best of the Best

My parents are officially flippin' adorable.
I just had the wonderful opportunity of spending 10 days with them here in my current home, SwitzeFrance, and Italy. Honestly, they're cuter than I ever remember.
I don't remember them being so kind and warm towards each other. I don't really remember thinking of them as a 'team'. I don't remember them being affectionate towards each other. Now, I may not have ever noticed these things simply because I'm selfish and I was always preoccupied with whatever was going on in my life or because I didn't really have an idea of what marriage ought to look like... could be any number of things, whatever it is, I'm glad my eyes were opened and I can see my parents for the amazing duo they are.
I wish I had written this sooner, as I'm forgetting some of the things that really tickled me... The biggest thing that really opened my eyes was when Mom came out into the living room with Dad and me and announced she had had a revelation: something needed to change with Dad's appearance. Haha. You can imagine his anticipation to the rest of this revelation. Turns out, she decided Dad should grow his hair out (he had LONG hair before they were married) and wear it in a pony tail. She could keep his beard trimmed so she could see his face and he'd be content as well. She went on about how she had been the selfish wife who just wanted him to be clean cut, but then he was unhappy, which in turn, made her un happy... so when the idea came to her for him to grow a pony tail... she ran with it. --and for that, I'm grateful. :)
Love them.

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