Sunday, September 13, 2009

Buffalo Grill

Today has been fun. :) Mom and Dad arrived from their long journey across the world. Mom was loopy as ever and Dad was ready for a rest. Mom joined me for church this morning where she was able to shake hands with a few of the important people in my life here in Ferney-Voltaire.
This afternoon we all ended up taking naps. It was the perfect Sunday afternoon. :) When we woke up we had some fruit, cheese, bread and wine, of course. For dinner we ended up at a restraunt called "Buffalo Bills" because EVERYTHING this side of the border is closed on Sundays... including restraunts. The food was not very good... in fact, I still smell like it. :-/ But the service was highly entertaining. We had, by far, the funniest French man as our waitor. He came to our table and was GOING OFF in French. Apparently he had a special bit of information he's to share with people as they sit at their table... Dad asked him if he spoke English. He wanted to know if we were on holiday - note to self: just say yes. "You live in France and you don't speak French?!" Not the first time I've heard that, and I admit, I HATE being the ignorant American... but I don't really have the time, energy or resources to just whip the language out at the moment. There was a point tonight when Mom and I were looking at the menu and he had gotten in the booth behind us, popped his head up between ours and said, "You need help?" It was fun. My brain's escaped me, it's nearly midnight... we leave for Italy in a few hours! :) Yahoo! 

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