Tuesday, June 5, 2012


If you haven't heard or read anything about Taylor Morris, please follow this link to learn more about our local hero: www.taylormorris.org

Taylor was serving in Afghanistan when he stepped on an active IED. Taylor's life will never be the same. Little do we realize, our lives would never be how they are if it weren't for brave soldiers such as Taylor. The activities that we enjoy, the people we connect with, the thoughts we are able to share -- all of these things could and would be drastically different if we didn't live in a land where freedom was fought for, protected, and valued.

Whatever your political view, please learn more about your local heros and do what you can to encourage and support them today. Our freedom is so invaluable.

Minor personal excitement: I set up a Twitter account just to share this situation and have had a response! I do not know how to operate let alone communicate via Twitter, but I 'tweeted' Ted Nugent and Glenn Beck, knowing they placed our troops in extremely high regard. Lo and behold, I just heard Uncle Ted on 97.7 KCRR and he wants to meet Taylor! How cool is that?!

Other ways to learn more about Taylor and his service to our country you can visit his support group on Facebook or read the Chive article to see how incredible and generous people are all the way around the world.

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