Saturday, March 29, 2014

crossing over to county kerry!

After meeting all the couples at breakfast, we were pretty ready to return to our adventure on the road by heading to Co. Kerry... :)

The dog on site was plenty friendly, but he tried to eat my lens cap! Not okay!
We made it back onto the road and were pleased to see the stereotypical Irish sheep... EVERYWHERE. They were so darling! (At least, I thought they were!)

We had a blast driving from Kenmare to County Kerry. These photos will show you clearly of the drought I mentioned in a previous post. It wasn't as green as we anticipated, but man, did we ever see some gorgeous sites?!

I told you you should hire a rental car! Especially if you're prone to spontaneous photoshoots!

We were both taken over by a laughing fit. Sorry... you had to be there.

Check out that crazy windy road!

Made it!!

I KNEW I'd be captivated by the details and Celtic knots everywhere, but I didn't expect to be drawn to so many cemeteries! They were incredible!

We closed most of our days with live music... 
I had been coming down with a sore throat/cold of sorts and, naturally, asked the locals what they suggested as I was thinking it was a result of the different climate. I will add that we were in a pub, so their response should have been expected, but they poured me a generous shot of Hennessy and expected me to guzzle it down. 

Well, I did... and they were right, it certainly numbed the discomfort I was experiencing, but shoot! That stuff's like a kick in the pants! I needed the live music to recover! ;)

The people we were chatting with there were telling us how Gaelic is a 'dead language'. It was really a sad conversation, if you ask me! They were saying how they were native Irish people and Gaelic was posted in many places, but they had generations in their families that had no capability of translating any of it, themselves included. Interesting, but sad to think something so beautiful could come to an end seemingly so sudden. 


  1. Hey Lauren---I am coming over from Sincerely Jenni's blog!!! Love all that you are about and your blog and your pictures and your philosophy and I could go on and on. I also LOVE Brennan Manning. What an amazing guy! Great to meet you!!! I blog over at It's Just Life --Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary. Love all the great bloggers that I am meeting through Jenni's great Wednesday feature!

    1. Hi Beth Ann!
      THANK YOU for your kind words and encouragement! Your blog is gorgeous! Excited to see more of your content. :)
      Have a lovely day!