Monday, March 17, 2014

i like shenanigans and malarkey

I like shenanigans and malarkey.

Which is why I love St. Paddy's day. 

I always get nostalgic at this time of year (more on that in a later post) but cannot help myself in embracing each and every Irish cell in my being, if not everyday at least as loud and proud as possible each and every St. Paddy's Day. 

Last year I was just about to start a new job and wanted to take advantage of my soon to be missed free time by making some fun for my nephews (maybe even more for the adults, who knows!)

Somehow, I found a leprechaun and he and I teamed up to mastermind this tricky little hunt for the boys....

I gave my brother a call early St. Paddy's Day morning and requested help from the littlest Hanson's in town... I was simply too large - a little leprechaun had snuck into my house and was doing sneaky tricks like leaving green potty and footprints in the toilet! Yikes! His first request was that I call them and see that they dance to intrigue him out of hiding... clearly didn't work as well as he said it would. After church, my sister-in-love and brother brought the boys over and my parents joined in for a pseudo-Irish meal and a few chuckles, to boot.

I caught a glimpse of his note before he signed it...
He led them ALL over my house with clues only a 2 and 5 year old could solve.

To the fridge for a drink...

To the bookshelf for a quick read.

To the window for some fresh air and sunshine.

To the backdoor where we might take off our shoes.

And outside they found their treasure at the end of a rainbow.

They didn't end up finding Lucky himself last year, but their loot was pretty impressive!

Money, money, money, money.... MONEY!

"I'm Lucky the Leprechaun!"

The menu for the afternoon was corned beef and cabbage (not my finest as I had been celebrating the night before and thought the crock pot could compensate for my lack of energy - bad idea - stick to the tried and true stove and oven approach every St. Paddy's Day from this day forward). However, we did have fun. 

Any excuse for shenanigans and malarkey.

This year, they got greeting cards... Nolan's has yet to show up. (Thanks USPS.)

But I still have the following mentality for St. Paddy's Day:

I can't help it, I just LOVE it! 

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