Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just wanting to record some highlights from Saturday... it was a lot of fun. :)

I watched Aedan and Chloë while their parents went sailing... we did the whole night-time routine... but it was just really nice, really refreshing. Haha.

So, I get there and Chloë has got this delightful, rock-hard hair from putting soap in it earlier in the day and Aedan has this wonderful BROWN design of something on his forearm. Needless to say, they needed baths. Chloë had hers first. We went to McDonald's for dinner to feed them and get some energy out.

At McD's: we get to the counter and Aedan informs me that he wants a 'pickle burger'.

Aedan: "...and make sure it's got pickles on it, okay?"

Me: "I'll do my best, Buddy."

(Keep in mind, I have to order the meals in French... I did mess up on their drinks, somehow ordering cola... and I had already brushed their teeth in case they fell asleep on the way home... so they had to wait a bit to have water from home.) Anywho, they both got cheeseburgers, as norm. Aedan starts opening his up and says, "I'm just so excited for this pickle burger! I cannot wait to find that pickle!" 

Seriously, I love these kids.

Aedan and I decided his Christmas present from me will be a big jar of pickles. He's stoked.

Then, there's Chloë. :) She was just this sweet little lovebug all evening. She was clearly exausted from the day, but she didn't give in to the usual crankiness from exaustion. Just before she hopped into bed and zonked out in record time, I caught this shot of her twirling like a ballerina:

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