Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Knight in Shining Armor

So, I've been just a bit more America-sick than usual lately.

It's mid-July, definately camp season. This is the first year since I decided to live for Jesus that I've missed camp. I never thought this day would come. I always saw myself as a little old woman spending my summers at camp. *sigh*

Although I still miss camp... God has provided the best therapy.

Aedan is this amazingly brilliant 4-year-old -- I was telling my friend, Lindsay, last night over dinner how I'm pretty positive I've had better conversations with Aedan than I have with a lot of adults. Crazy, but true.

Point being: he's extremely interested in my stories from Canyonview Camp specifically, (because of the animal names). Last week he said something about a turtle, which lead to me talking about my days as a camp counselor by the name of, 'Turtle', and him asking ALL about all of my friends from camp and their names and their best qualities (seriously!). He asks me to retell stories and remembers crazy details and says things like: "Lauren, remember when you sang the Squeegee song at camp?" Aedan's favorite animal is the Lion because it's the most powerful -- so, of course, he wants to know whether there was a 'Lion' at camp. There most definately was and probably still is, and I was able to tell Aedan that 'Lion's' brother, 'Rhino', is coming to visit... O man, this nearly set him through the roof. Haha. The last three days he says, "So, when's 'Lion's' brother, 'Rhino', coming to visit? I just can't wait to meet him." Ah, he's so flippin' cute!

All in all, while in my heart I'm missing camp (Canyonview and Willowbrook, mind you) something fierce and terrible, God's provided an outlet to let me release all of my longings with this wonderful little person; Aedan.

[sidenote: Today I was looking for my shoes and Aedan was certain they were in my car. He goes, "Don't you move a muscle! Don't even walk anywhere! I'm going to get your shoes, I'm positive they're in the car!" I told him one day he was going to be someone's 'knight in shining armor'. His response: "Well, yeah, but I'm missing one thing, aren't I?" I'm thinking, "What? What could he have in mind?" When I least expected it, he chimed back in to tell me, "A horse. I can't be a knight in shining armor without a horse. I just can't, can I?" Love him.]

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