Friday, August 17, 2012

Las Margaritas Cantina y Restarante

I've noticed that I have this tendency of forming habits and routines, I like to tell people I'm a free-spirit, but in all reality, I'm definitely a lot more routine than I'd like to admit... sometimes it's not so bad though. One of my routines is having a marg or two before line-dancing on Thursdays. :)

Las Margaritas makes it pretty painless too! It's extra fun though when you get to hang with the 'local celebrities'! This is a photo of the GEORGE ORIGINAL MARGARITA. Or, at least, it's a photo of the photo in the menu.

George is married to my momma's best friend. They're such an incredible couple, but more on that in a moment...

I've only ordered this marg one time... it knocked me off my feet!! It comes in a shaker and is honestly, more like 2 and a half margaritas. At least, that's how many times I filled my glass when I ordered it. The alcohol content might even be more than that. Regardless, it's too much for this lightweight!

On to how amazing Susan and George are. :) Here's a picture of us at Las Marg's: 

Like I said earlier, Susan is my momma's best friend and George is her wonderful other half. These two are CRAZY about each other. And they're nearly inseparable! They're such a great team though, they are regulars at Las Margaritas. They have a way of making people feel so special and validated, it's part of why they're so great. :) They have become part of the family at Las Margaritas either by housing some of their family or by making a point of meeting some of the extended family to those working there while they're off vacationing and exploring faraway places, like Mexico and the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

I could gush about these two for days, but I'll leave that to you. I suggest going to Las Margaritas and keeping an eye out for these two. I promise you'll be insta-friends, just tell them I sent you. :)

Moral of the story: 

1) great margs are found at Las Margaritas (and they're great for assisting in line-dancing)
2) Susan and George rock and are one of the coolest couples you'll ever meet

My most recent trip to Washington, I found this gem in Issaquah.
Apparently it's owned by a brother of the same family!

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