Monday, August 6, 2012

alphabet walk BONUS

I thought I had this brilliant beyond brilliant idea of creating an alphabet book with the kids I've been watching... unfortunately their attention span didn't last quite as long as I'd hoped and we didn't quite find all the letter of the english alphabet... we did, however, find a Scratch cupcake or two!! 

I cannot believe as many photos as I know I've taken of them, that I haven't posted any photos of cupcakes from Scratch! For those of you unfamiliar to this incredible treat, let me enlighten you... I am a girl with a major sweet-tooth, HOWEVER, I'm pretty particular about texture and flavor... I don't much care for cake or cupcakes. 

Scratch somehow found the best concoction of sugars and flour and every flavor imaginable to create these little pieces of wonderful treats. 

As if Cedar Falls Main Street wasn't wonderful enough to begin - a few years ago, it got even better with the addition of Scratch. 

(I think it's especially wonderful with such cute little fingers next to it!!)

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