Thursday, September 27, 2012

can't have sick roomies...

My poor lil roommate is sick!! That is correct. She is unwell which clearly means it is my civil duty to provide nourishment to assist her in healing and being well again! (Clearly a hardship for me... not.) Knowing how miserable she's been feeling, I searched our fridge and it just so happened we LITERALLY had everything we needed for a hearty chicken soup - just the ticket to kick whatever cold bug she seemed to catch.

Check it out:

I only have a couple pictures, but to be completely honest, they don't really do justice for how great it turned out. 

I found onions in our pantry. Carrots, celery and herbs were just waiting to be used in the fridge. I don't cook meat too terribly often, so when I do, I try to make the most of it - last night I grilled some chicken breasts and had a couple left over, so I tore them up and used them as well... So, all in all, I used:

-one onion

-a bunch of carrots
-some celery
-dill and parsley
-grilled chicken breast
-a can of Swanson's reduced sodium chicken broth

(I'm such a fan of liberation, that sometimes I 'ex-nay' the measurements just to be a rebel... feel free to do the same, it really is freeing AND this soup is just fresh and delicious. I prefer my soups heartier, so I throw ample amounts of anything of substance and am more stingy on the broth and such - to each their own! Literally!)

I started by sautéing the onion in my Dutch oven, (first I put some organic olive oil in the pot while it heated up - is anyone else as crazy about the smell of sautéing onions??? Or is it just me?)  Shortly thereafter, I started sautéing the carrots and celery in my cast iron skillet. (Don't ask me why I did them separately, sometimes I just do things a little backwards.) 

(I bought the beets with the next meal in mind... that's right, this is a double post!) After getting everything started, the soup came together super quick. Really, the most time-consuming part was the chopping!

Throw it all together and you've got the mixings to heal your roomie! (Fingers crossed...)

NEXT, I saw a post about grilled cheese... yep, the famous American staple... and thought I'd put my own little spin on it. Unfortunately, I don't keep bread in the house (my body doesn't like it as much as my palette does...) so I had to borrow a bagel thin from said sick roomie - this was even easier to put together as the soup.

You will need:
-goat cheese

It's best if you have your beets already cooked as they're pretty crunchy raw. Butter your bread (or bagel, in my case). Throw one slice butter-side-down on your hot skillet. Layer arugula, beets, and goat cheese and top with the other slice of buttered bread. Flip when first side is golden. 

Slice to see the pretty insides. Consume. And enjoy.

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