Wednesday, October 3, 2012

rylee | 9 months

Little Miss Rylee. Full of life. Full of sass. Ours.

This little thing had quite the story before she even graced our presence on this earth! Her journey to be with us was not one every baby experiences. From day one, Miss Rylee has been determined. Gracing our presence at just over 3 pounds, she's shown us what it is to be thankful, what it looks like to be hopeful, and how to trust God in His timing, provision, and sovereignty.

Clearly, she's doing amazingly well and before we know it we'll be celebrating her first birthday! (Honestly, WHERE does the time go?!)

Grace is like oxygen. 
We wouldn't be living without it, but sadly, we hardly notice it. 
Soak it up today and give thanks. 
JOY is at stake.

These pictures remind me of all the grace I've been given and how I so easily overlook it and take it for granted. Specifically, some of the most important people in my life. It seems as though every other person I love so dearly has had a moment of life or death. Thankfully, God hasn't surrounded me with too many timid loves. 

Rylee, here, is one of those loves. The sassafrass you see in the first photo shines straight from here beautiful little heart. Another fighter we've got on our hands. :) SO blessed.

Thanks again, M&D, for letting God use you and your sweet little princess to shine light on such important truths in my life.

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