Thursday, November 8, 2012


Are you sitting down?? 

I'm trembling I'm so excited right now.


God is good. He always is. He always has been. He always will be.

I know these truths, but sometimes, I get caught up in circumstances and have a hard time truly believing it with every fiber of my being. The last couple of years have been a real challenge for me. I've tried SO hard to find purpose in them and, while I know that things don't always look as I expect them to or make sense to me, I know God has been working in me for something wonderful. 

Maybe, just maybe, this is it. :)

Ah! I hardly know where to start! Haha. So, through a series of unexpected events, these past few years I have become somewhat of a photographer -- it's something I've always loved and others have asked me to document their families in ways to preserve moments for them... well, in attempts to improve my photography skills, I have committed to learning from one of the best photographers in the world, Tim Dodd. Tim is a local photographer, and truth be told, I blush every time I am in public and see him... his talents have brainwashed me into believing he is something other than human and should be revered as Heath Ledger... (okay, that's dramatic, but I had pretty well gotten a grip on my horrible blushing since graduating from high school - clearly he's pretty talented!) Hopefully, I'll be able to come to grips with reality before May.

Things just keep getting more and more exciting. 

Saturday (yes, 5 days ago,) I made a new friend. It took us less than a half hour to realize we are kindred spirits. Cassie is my friend, Hattie's, twin. I'm not entirely sure how we've gone a couple of years without ever meeting, but I know God had this moment planned to bless me like crazy. So thankful. :) Have you ever had an encounter with someone and just known they were someone your heart could just spill to?! Someone you could relate with and who could understand your dilemmas and the things that really get you so crazy, unreasonably excited?! That's how it was meeting Cassie! Just as if we'd known each other forever! 

Well, Cassie's in a similar season of life where she's seeking the Lord and being faithful with what He's given her, but she's discouraged with a lack of fellowship and meaning to her life at the moment. (Again, slightly dramatic, I know there's meaning in even the smallest acts and moments, but seasons sometimes come and go and can be dry... that's what we're dealing with here.) Hattie was the first to recognize that a trip to Italy would be refreshing for Cassie. I had been looking for someone I could enjoy traveling with to go with me, otherwise, I'd be stuck spending an extra $650 to supplement the fact that a single person (yours truly) was occupying a double occupancy room. Within hours, I had come to realize that Cassie was that girl and that my cash stash had exactly $2 more than what was required for the deposit for this trip. All the while, Cassie came to the realization that while she's feeling like she's in a dry season, God has blessed her with a job that pays her very well... we're all convinced it's meant for a time such as this! We're going to Italy!! 

Me with $500 of my $502 and Cassie with her debit card... so excited! I just love when God confirms things with such clarity!!

(Further reason to rejoice is that my previous roommate, Michelle, -- lived with her in Oregon, she now lives in Kansas -- is also coming along... and bringing possibly two three more friends! Michelle and Stacey are quite possibly the two most spontaneous girls I have and will ever meet. Cassie, Michelle, and Stacey are all those girls that everyone enjoys, can get along with everyone, are always fun... the trip is bound to be amazing.)

As if that's not enough to be excited about...

Seriously, brace yourself.

I just spoke with my friend Amanda from when I was living in France. 

Rewind just a smidge. So, I lost my job (I just might post more on that at a later date) in July and have been having a lot more emotional troubles from that than I ever would have imagined. I have been applying for jobs only to find that I'm just not quite what they're looking for. I realize this is the process everyone goes through, but it's the first time for me and it's very disheartening. There has been one specific job working with middle school and high schoolers that I was so excited about the actual job itself, not just the fact that I'd be employed again... I still feel this is something I would be excellent at, the response I received from that church was pretty unimpressive. I was discouraged and embarrassed at how unprofessional and rude it was. However, I can't help but believe it was leading me to this very moment! 

There are a few things I know: 1) I am adventurous and am not willing to sacrifice that for a job or a relationship or... anything, really... 2) I want to be here in the Cedar Valley, my family is here, I grew up here, I 100% feel this is where the Lord has me for the long haul 3) anything is possible 4) God loves to bless and surprise me 5) He's created me for special, specific tasks 6) time is of the essence.

Amanda and I during our Ireland adventure.

Back to that email from Amanda -- Amanda works for the beautiful church I went to while in France. Since I've moved back to the states, she's headed up a church plant in a neighboring town/village. I was there when the seed was first planted and remember praying with her and others for direction in how to make this happen. The thought that I will have the opportunity to see all God has created over the years excites me to no end! Amanda just emailed me that they'll be needing an intern for the church plant for next June and July. That fits all those details I mentioned last paragraph... PERFECTLY. 

I've always been a dreamer. God's always been faithful. I know He's placed these things on my heart for a reason and I just can't contain how excited I am to see His obvious love for me when He arranges such fun surprises!! 

I don't know ANY of the details right now, but I know just as before that God will provide and that everything will come together. 

Let the daydreaming continue. :)

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