Tuesday, October 30, 2012


So... one of my best friends just got engaged and she's living in one of my very favorite places (the beautiful Pacific NorthWest, of course!) and I'm going to be one of her bridesmaids, so she's got this dilemma of PHOTOS. I would LOVE, love, LOVE to take them for her... but that would be a little tricky to be in front of the camera AND behind it all at the same time... lo and behold, her wonderful fiancĂ© came up with the brilliant beyond brilliant idea of flying me out there to take their ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS (find them HERE and HERE...)

Seriously, WHAT. A. GUY?!

First and foremost, this was not REALLY a business trip. This was a trip that Courtney and I desperately needed. Girls need their close friends to help them through life's craziness!!

Courtney told me to make a list of what I wanted to do... OBVIOUSLY I wanted to take incredible photos of her and Matt being all lovey dovey in one of the best cities in the world... but I ALSO really wanted to live that scene from the movies where they get some sort of shell creature and have to sit by the water with a big fluffy sweater and they tie a bib around their neck even though they're in public at a fairly presentable establishment... the list actually got pretty long, but that's all that matters for this post. 

Example of my thoughts and aspirations for our adventures:

Which, in turn, naturally turns in to this:

Ah, such therapy good friends, good food, and the sun setting over the best coast can be. My exhausted, weary heart found such rest this trip. 

Courtney and I on the Sound at Crab Pot.

The Viking that I am was MADE to consume meals with hammers... what's taken me so long?!

Matt, Courtney, and me enjoying our gorgeous evening, meal, and friendship at Crab Pot.
We ordered one of the bowls of goodness (they refer to them as 'SeaFeasts' at Crab Pot). They initially brought us a loaf of sourdough bread, still warm, mind you. Once our feast arrived we enjoyed every bite. I can't for the life of me remember specifically which one we ordered because I'm certain we strayed from the mussels... but I know we had crab and salmon. It came out with corn on the cob (us Iowan girls even approved of that) and red potatoes. You can find the full menu at Crab Pot's website. I don't love all seafood, so if that's something leading you to hesitate... don't let it - the food was fresh and delicious, but the experience alone is worth the visit. Two thumbs up from this girl. 

Bucket List: Item #304 - CHECK!

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